Do you think we only use 10% of our Brain??

Since so long, we were been told and made to believe that we only use 10% of our brain. Which is absolutely ridiculous. We use every part of our brain. Even while doing pretty small tasks like sleeping;). It was believed that, this myth was first proposed by American Psychologist William James. Even Einstein believed this. And many science fiction movies… Read More Do you think we only use 10% of our Brain??

Computers more like a human “BRAIN”??

Our brain is very intelligent, efficient and accurate. The artificial intelligence deals all about making computers more like humans. Since so long we were been successful in replacing humans with computers and now with the artificial intelligence we stepped ahead trying to make computers more efficient, even letting computers make decisions more like a human.. So let’s… Read More Computers more like a human “BRAIN”??


Illusion literally means making fun off. It is a distortion of our senses. We experience illusions because of slight errors in our brain. The higher contrast elements are seen sooner than the lower contrast once, when these contrasts are arranged in a certain way, we experience a moving illusion. There are many types of illusions.… Read More Illusions